Gloomspite Gitz – Squig Rider Stampede
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Warscroll Battalion

Squig Rider Stampede

A Squig Rider Stampede consists of the following units:
 • 2-3 units of Squig Hoppers or Boingrot Bounderz in any combination
 • 0-1 Mangler Squigs

Unit Size: -      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Madcap Momentum: When squigs and their riders gather into an onrushing stampede they generate greater momentum, rebounding off of one another and snapping at each other’s heels in a frantic, slobbering mass.
You can re-roll the roll that determines the Move characteristic of units from this battalion.
Some rules allow you to re-roll a dice roll, which means you get to roll some or all of the dice again. If a rule allows you to re-roll a result that was made by adding several dice together (e.g. 2D6, 3D6 etc.) then, unless otherwise stated, you must roll all of those dice again. You can never re-roll a dice more than once, and re-rolls happen before modifiers to the roll (if any) are applied. Rules that refer to the result of an ‘unmodified’ dice roll are referring to the result after any re-rolls but before any modifiers are applied.
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