Daughters of Khaine – Melusai Ironscale
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Melusai Ironscale

Crafted from the souls of aelves that blazed brightest with the need for revenge, the Melusai Ironscales serve Morathi as elite war leaders amongst the Scáthborn and are terrifying martial champions in their own right.
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Unit Size: 1      Points: 110
Battlefield Role: Leader


A Melusai Ironscale is a single model armed with a Keldrisaíth.


Blood of the Oracle: The soul of each Melusai Ironscale has been specially experimented upon by Morathi to increase their resistance to hostile magics.
Each time this model is affected by a spell or endless spell, you can roll a dice. If you do so, on a 5+, ignore the effects of that spell or endless spell on this model.

Gory Offering: As a Melusai Ironscale holds the crystallised heart of a slain foe aloft, the power of Khaine pulses through it, empowering any fellow Melusai nearby.
If any enemy models are slain by wounds inflicted by this model’s attacks in the combat phase, you can add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of friendly MELUSAI units wholly within 12" of this model until the end of that phase.

Turned to Crystal: The scáth touch of a Melusai Ironscale can permanently transmute an enemy into an immobile – though still fully conscious – crystal statue.
At the end of the combat phase, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 1" of this model and roll a dice. On a 3+, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.


Wrath of the Scáthborn: With a shrieked prayer to Khaine and Morathi, an Ironscale leads her Melusai kin in the swift slaughter of the foe.
You can use this command ability once per turn in your hero phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly MELUSAI unit wholly within 12" of this model. Until your next hero phase, that unit can run and still shoot and/or charge later in the same turn. In addition, until your next hero phase, you can roll 2D6 instead of D6 when you make a run roll for that unit.


The MELUSAI keyword is used in following Daughters of Khaine warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities inflict mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were suffered. Allocate any mortal wounds that are caused while a unit is attacking at the same time as any other wounds caused by the unit’s attacks, after all of the unit’s attacks have been completed. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated to models in the target unit as soon as they occur, in the same manner as wounds caused by damage from an attack.

After they have been allocated, a mortal wound is treated in the same manner as any other wound for all rules purposes.
Command Abilities
If you have any HEROES in your army, you can use command abilities. Some command abilities are available to all armies, like the three on the right, while others are specific to certain models and appear on their warscroll. Some of these command abilities can only be used if that model is your general; when this is the case, it will be noted in the rules for the command ability.

In order to use any command ability you must spend 1 command point. You start the battle with 1 command point for each warscroll battalion you have in your army. In addition, you receive 1 command point at the start of each of your hero phases. You can use the same command ability several times in the same phase as long as you have enough command points to do so. Any command points you do not use can be used in a future turn. A command ability will usually specify when it is used; if it does not, it is used in your hero phase.
When you pick a unit to make a normal move, you can declare that it will run. Make a run roll for the unit by rolling a dice. Add the result of the run roll to the Move characteristic of all models in the unit for that movement phase. The unit can then move up to that distance in inches. Models in a unit that runs can’t shoot or charge later in the same turn.
Charge roll, charge move
Any of your units within 12" of the enemy in your charge phase can attempt to make a charge move. Pick an eligible unit and make a charge roll for it by rolling 2D6. Each model in the unit can move a number of inches equal to the charge roll. You cannot make a charge move with a unit that has run or retreated earlier in the turn, or with a unit that is within 3" of an enemy unit.

The first model you move from a unit making a charge move must finish the move within ½" of an enemy model (you do not have to pick the target for the charge before making the charge roll). If that’s impossible, or you decide not to make the charge move, the charge fails and no models in the unit can move in this phase.

Once all models in one unit have made their charge moves, you can pick another eligible unit to make a charge attempt, until all units that you want to make charge attempts have done so.

The HERO keyword is used in following Daughters of Khaine warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
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