Beasts of Chaos – Hungering Warherd
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Warscroll Battalion

Hungering Warherd

Drawn by the bellowing cries of an enraged Doombull, a Warherd on the hunt for fresh meat is an unstoppable whirlwind of unimaginable violence, a crashing mass of muscle, blades, fangs and horns driven into a rapacious frenzy by the scent of the foe’s blood.
A Hungering Warherd consists of the following units:
 • 1 Doombull
 • 3 units of Bullgors
 • 1-3 Cygors or Ghorgons in any combination

Unit Size: -      Points: 150
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Bloodscent: The herd’s bloodgreed becomes all-consuming as they draw close to the enemy lines, impelling the beasts to fall upon their victims in a murderous frenzy.
Units from this battalion can move an extra 3" when they pile in.
Piling In
A unit can make a pile-in move if it is within 3" of an enemy unit or has made a charge move in the same turn. If this is the case, you can move each model in the unit up to 3". Each model must finish its pile-in move at least as close to the nearest enemy model as it was at the start of the move.
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